Our Family History

Who is Mama Kat? Mama Kat’s Is named in honor of our founders mother. When her son entered the restaurant business in 1993 he began working alongside his mom. Along the way he vowed when he opened his own restaurant he would name it after her. In 2005 he purchased Grandpa Allen’s Family Restaurant and began working towards the vision of Mama Kat’s. 

            In 2008 the name officially changed and Mama Kat’s began. Old customers came in confused but relieved to see no change had really occured except the name. A new era of customers flocked to see what the restaurant was all about. Michael, Kristen & their four daughters run the restaurant from day to day, using the tools & teachings of Mama Kat as their moral compass. Serving exceptional quality meals and memorable service in a fun environment is this families recipe for success.

            In the past ten years Mama Kat’s has undergone many physical changes, the growth of the dining room, addition of a barista bar, high end coffee offerings, fresh baked pastries, and an amazing boutique and succulent garden. Some come here to eat, shop, have a meeting, scope out local artists and vendors, or just enjoy the peace & quiet of the garden while on lunch break.

            Through all their progress the spirit of Mama Kat’s is most dear to them. Michael loves to tell the story of the Hobo culture that traveled the country following the great depression. Most Hobo’s could not read or write & necessity innovated a form of communication through signs and symbols carved or graffitied along the roads from town to town. Among all these, the symbol of a cat meant a kind woman lives here and at Mama Kat’s you always know a welcoming heart and warm meal await all whom arrive. You will see our hobo icon on most our menus, signage, and around the community in places we have helped. Some have even made it to Europe with wandering employees who still embrace the spirit of Mama Kats, or tattooed on the fingers of loyal patrons & staff who are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. 

We love who we are & the work we have chosen, grateful for the nourishment it provides & thankful for the opportunity to serve our community everyday.




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