Our Family History

     Mama Kat and her son Michael arrived from Los Angeles and began serving customers in San Marcos in 1993 as a waitress, and bus boy. With the help of San Marcos' small town spirit, these two acclimated to their new surroundings with ease. So in 1994 when an opportunity to buy the restaurant once known as Grandpa Allen's appeared, Kat pounced on it. Together with the former owner Richard Truelove, they had much success operating the restaurant until 2005.
     Michael met his wife Kristen here in 1995. After years of working side by side they finally tied the knot in 2004. In 2005 they became Kat's new partners and began transforming Grandpa Allen's. With Michael's passion for food and Kristen's eye for design, the three collectively created Mama Kat's in 2008. And who says you can't work with family :)
     Kathleen uses her 40 years experience working for a popular pie shop and several small cafes in the Los Angeles area as guidance. Her fondness for the restaurant culture and patrons, allow her to please all whom walk through her doors. Kat's radiant personality and witty conversations bring a sense of comfort and family to every table. Mama's wisdom and service mottos are embraced to this day by our staff, and shared with you.
     Michael, being raised at the counter of a restaurant his crayons and placemats to keep him busy. Over the years he grew a fascination for restaurants and all their facets. As an observer he began to enjoy the passion and character that came with every customer, server, or cook that pushed through the swinging doors of a restaurant. Naturally he began to work at this restaurant at a very young age and worked his way through every position of this family business. His passion for incredible food, coffee, and the people it attracts have certainly been this mans compass for life.
    Kristen's love and energy run through every corner of this restaurant. Her grace and smile always warm the hearts of every table she serves, coworker she comforts, or vendor she works with. With four beautiful daughters in tow, a mother in law and husband to take care of and a business to balance, she is truly the glue to that holds together this establishment.
     So come down and experience their life's work, and taste their dedication to purr-fection. Why don't you see if you can pick out Kat, Michael and Kristen out of the crowd? We're betting you'll be able to see the way they strive to please, and you'll know just who they are.


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