Thanksgiving Tradition

It was about 13 years ago I began baking the thanksgiving pies. It is a wild ride that includes countless hours and a lot of love. We begin prepping all the pie fillings 2 days before the big bake so they have time to settle and the flavors to fully mature. The week before Thanksgiving is typically filled with nothing less than a 12-18 work day everyday for this family. Many years ago we baked about 250 pies a night and it felt like quite a task, however we have almost quadrupled that number in current years. We baked almost 900 pies last year to grace families tables and we are absolutely honored to be a part of that many traditions and memories. We take the utmost care and pride in creating these one of a kind treats for you to enjoy.

Last year, our daughter Kamryn wrote about her Thanksgiving tradition at school. At first reading the title of her paper I fully expected to hear about enjoying the holiday with family and friends, about the turkey and mashed potatoes, or the never ending dinner rolls that are thrown across tables that stretch across the entire house. But instead, to my surprise, I read a heartwarming tale of a young girls vision of walls of pie boxes, busy bodies buzzing around until the early morning, and pie crusts piled as high as her eyes could see, and lastly sleeping in the restaurant with her family surrounding her working away while she slumbered. What I realized at that moment was that our daughters have captured a family tradition of their own I wasn't aware of. They have found love for the hard work and dedication we pour into other families' Holidays. We have always worked with our children by our sides as a necessity and have always wondered if they will forgive us for not always doing the norm on holidays and weekends, but thankfully it seems that they too have found honor and pride in what this family does for others. Thank you for inspiring giving us an opportunity to inspire Kamryn, and all our daughters, because as parents we never know what our choices for our children will bring. So this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our daughters and their acceptance, embrace and love of our unconventional lives.

Online Pie Orders

I have always wanted to take pie orders online. It felt like the reason the Internet exists is for important things like this. We are for the first time ever accepting online pie orders for the holiday season. So don't be shy, step right up and order our hand made quality pies with confidence. We will exceed your expectations with our award winning recipes.  For the best selection be sure to order early. We do sell out of popular flavores as the Holidays arrive closer.